Is Shahid Afridi’s career officially over?

There were talks of Shahid Afridi retiring from cricket the whole last week, with news even coming in that he was to get a farewell match against the West Indies team in the upcoming series starting next week.

But now the team is on its way to the UAE, without Afridi, and it looks increasingly likely that Afridi’s career has petered out in a long winded drama with a subdued finale, which appears ironic when you think of the man’s reputation as the entertainer.

PTV Sports lead anchor Nauman Niaz announced on twitter that Afridi will appear on his match presentation show as a guest/expert along with Wasim Akram for the WI series. If that’s not a sign of retirement, then what is? It appears as if amid the hullabaloo of his inclusion and future in the team- with reports coming in of Inzimam trying to hash out the differences between the board and Afridi- both parties have moved on.

So what does the future hold? I’m pretty sure people are not tired of his sixes yet, and we will definitely see him leading his team Peshawar Zalmi in 2016 edition of the PSL. Beyond that, it’s difficult to say what his on-field future would be. Of the field, however, he will continue to endorse products on TV, and he will continue to work with his charity Shahid Afridi Foundation. I am sure he will still be the heartthrob of millions, bat in hand or not. To the Pakistan fans, he will always be Boom Boom.

Has Afridi made peace with never playing for Pakistan again?

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